Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Texas Mile Rant

It's that time again ~ time for another Texas Mile! This weekend will be our 9th...10th? Texas Mile in Goliad, Texas. We are expecting beautiful weather for this event.

Roger plans to ride the old turbo Busa and Jen will be riding yet another 'different' bike - a ZX14 Kawasaki (turbo) named Ranger - fastest Kawasaki on earth...literally. That said, we are anxious and hoping for some great results.

This raises a question - why, with all the great motorcycles that we have in our possession, have we not named any of them? Or have they (Jen and/or her dad) named them and just failed to share that information with me? (This happens on occasion, but when I find out they get the 20 question interrogation method of torture.)

I remember 'The Green Monster' - a green Kawasaki that Jen rode in a few AMA races a couple of years back. But that is not a name, just a label (that bike truly was a monster in the worst way).

And speaking of naming things...Will, have you named your kayaks? (That one you let Jen paddle seems to offer quite a wild ride on occasion...) What about that little white truck of yours? Or the Neon for crying out loud - that car HAS to have a name! I haven't named my little silver Mazda either... I am so disappointed in myself - how does someone have anything that long and not have a name for it? Names people! names! I need names!

Ranger IS a name. (Stephanie Plum fans take note - we will see if this Kawasaki named Ranger lives up to the Ranger in that series of books...I have serious doubts about that!) To be continued...

Greg Williams riding Ranger: Fastest Turbo ZX-14 in the WORLD!! 232 MPH

Friday, October 9, 2009

Missing That Silly Cat

I still find myself looking for Adagio when I walk through the door, half expecting him to whisk past my feet and out the front door. There are no longer chunks of Adagio fur on the floor, no pieces of cat food scattered around his bowl…no cat bowl. No litter box. No insistent meowing and no fur ball of a cat rubbing his face in mine while I am trying to read or work on the computer...

How on Earth can I miss something so totally annoying?


Saturday, November 1, 2008


Sizzle….sizzle. Stick a fork in it – it is done.

As I fearfully waited at the Mann-Berkeley Eye Center to get my eyes lasered, all kinds of thoughts went through my head. Why would anyone with two perfectly good (nearly blind, but still good) eyes want to voluntarily get burning lasers beamed directly into their eyes? And I was that someone?! The lady asked, “Are you allergic to Valium?” I looked up at her with my still unburned, but nearly blind, eyes and after the question processed in my sluggish brain, said “I have no idea.” At this point I was willing to take the Valium – a small dose she said…and in a few minutes the headache I’d acquired due to the lack of my morning cup of hot tea was reduced.

Soon I was called into the laser room. I can honestly say I was only a little nervous…by this time the Valium was doing its job, so no one was just freaking out. I was responsive enough to follow directions and prepare for the excruciating pain that lay ahead. Every one at Mann-Berkeley was more than nice, extremely gentle, and spoke with sweet voices. Dr. Caplin explained the procedure to me again, asked if I had further questions (the Valium answered most of my questions), and then began the procedure. One of the ladies commented on my beautiful green eyes. I remember when Roger had his eyes fixed several years ago; I was astounded at the beautiful blue color of them on the monitor as I watched from another room. I wondered if mine would be similar…in a greenish kind of way! The nurse assured me that they were :0) I’d watched several procedures earlier in the day, all in shades of brown eyes.

Oh yes, back to the torture session…step 1 was to make the flap with a laser. A contraption was placed on my eye like a suction cup. The flap was made on each eye. The only slightly uncomfortable suction was removed, and after a few minutes for bubbles under the flap to disappear, I was placed under the laser. Now this is the scary part. “Look into the red blinking light” was my instruction – focus went in and out, and the light around the red blink was very bright; sometimes things went completely black. After about 19 seconds of lasering, it was time for the left eye. For some reason this one was more uncomfortable, but was only for about 16 or 17 seconds…I did however think I smelled flesh burning which was freaking me out just a tad – in spite of the Valium – even though I lay perfectly still, plastered to the work table.

It was over. It was explained to me what I should be seeing, and it was so. Everything was fuzzy and cloudy…I wondered if the procedure was successful. My Halloween mask was attached and I was told to leave it in place until the next morning – except to place drops in my eyes. I was taken home and put to bed to give my eyes a chance to heal. At about 5 p.m. I could rest no more – I was starving! I wanted a Whataburger, Jr. Things were still blurry and made even worse by the eye protectors still taped in place.

Later, Jen and I sat out on the front porch to hand out candy treats while I terrorized the little masked goblins. I was glad Jen had come down for the weekend.

So this morning I woke before 5 a.m., ripped of the eye masks and began the testing. I can see the computer; that is good. I could see the clock, the grandpup…yep, all seems to be progressing well. It is off to Mann-Berkeley for a 9:15 follow-up appointment (one of many). So for now, all is well…I am sleepy again though – think I’ll go put those plastic shields back on and catch a few more ZZZZZ’s!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally! Our Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Texas Mile Story

We could not have ask for more perfect weather, light winds, cooler temps (high 80's), clear skies...well an 18 mph tail wind might have been helpful!

What a lonely spot it is on the Mile when you are the next rider up...time to think, to reflect...time to wonder what ever possessed you to do such a crazy thing!

Marie, Jen, and Brianne
Each year it seems we meet more and more people on the mile. It has grown so much over the past few years. There were three other female racers there this year, making this one even more exciting than ever.

This is Ralph and Deni's second Texas Mile with us - we love having them join in our excitement...and Ralph fixed us up some wonderful treats :0)
Chance thinks he is just another Grandpup to Ralph and Deni - all grandchildren/pups need extra sets of grandparents around occasionally!

Roger waits with our daughter - this is the point right before heading out to the runway.

A short burnout before the launch - then 222.555 mph from a standing start, on a 2005 stage one turbo Hayabusa...shut down area 1/2 mile.

How'd this picture get in here? Hey, it's our Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy tuner - Johnny Cheese's boots! Johnny did a fantabulous job tuning the turbo, offering advice and agonizing with us along the way :)

Aha! A more familiar version of Johnny Cheese. Jen happily presents the Cheese Man with a certificate of speed.
"Tuned by Johnny Cheese"

Jen is all business while preparing for a 222 mph run down the Mile

What a crew! Nate, Roger, Johnny Cheese, and Mike - all familiar faces on the Mile.

Jen pushed that little stage one turbo busa as far as it would go, pulling out the desired 222.555 mph run she has been looking for, for the past year. She had lots of help from her dad, her tuner - Johnny Cheese, Michael, Chance, friends...and of course me, her mom :0)

Well, here it is - after a struggle with my video camera, the program, problems uploading, along with other issues - it may be crude, but it tells the story!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Texas Mile! October 2008

Coming Soon Texas Mile details, pics, opinions.

Main detail: Jen's top speed for the weekend 222.555 MPH!

Pics - more to come, but here's one

Opinions: I have lots of them! and will soon post them all along with more pictures from the October 2008 Texas Mile.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Center Point Pirate Football!

Grandboy Caden is a proud Center Point Flag Football Player

Caden, left front row
Grandboy Caden is having a great time playing flag football as a Center Point Pirate. Even though I’ve only been able to attend 2 of his games, I can tell he is 100 percent serious about being a good team player. I understand that his team beat the Cowboys today 21 – 0 and that Caden pulled off 3 flags (made 3 virtual tackles). Calling this ‘flag football’ is a bit inaccurate, since the two games I have seen included plenty of real tackles!

Norwalk, OH ~ AMA Drag Racing

Rumor has it that Jen and Michael have arrived in Norwalk, OH and that Cousin Wayne may have fixed some chicken wings! Test and tune is tonight and we are anxious to hear how it goes.


I hear they had a great time, Jen achieved some new personal goals...and that we may hijack a picture or two to post soon. (That's what happens when the mom can't pictures! So, hopefully another update (at least a photo from Ohio) soon.

Texas Mile - NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!